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Updated October 6, 2011

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Amy with newborn Delilah

CH Broadsway Lady Amherst of Dracoonfly "Amy"

Sweet Amy has a tendency to produce singleton litters, just one kitten at a time.  The first 3 kittens pictured below were all singletons, all brown tabby carbon copies.  With Amy's fourth litter, she had a litter of four in a variety of colors, followed by more singleton litters but in different colors. 

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Offspring of Amy and Bugger    

Gandhi, aka Grizzly King, at 2.5 weeks Grizzly King lives a luxurious life with Cedar (see Crystal's page) as Bill and Linda's spoiled pet in NJ.  
Delilah at 4 weeks Delilah on her first birthday.  She lives with her brothers Saku and Humbug, Joe and Mary Lou in Connecticut.  
Olivia, aka Madam X, at just 5 days We kept Madam X for show/breeding.  Click here to see her page.  
Manhattan, aka Homer, with the 5 Boroughs Litter at    4 weeks Homer (at 7 months) rules the home of Eugene and Deanna in Brooklyn.   
Queens, aka Mia Miaow, at 5 weeks Beautiful blue Mia and her baby sister Kenya complete the CT home of Don and Maureen.  
Bronx, aka Dexter, 4th from the right

Each photo looked so spectacular, we had to include them all.  Dexter lives with Tasmin and Nick, and (l-r) Philip, Elizabeth, and Nicholas, relocating with the family from Connecticut to New Zealand.

Unit, aka Schroeder, at 7 weeks   Schroeder lives with RoseAnna, Snoopy the bunny and his siblings Linus (Boom Boom's page) and Bella (Ginger's Page) in CT

Haley at 7 weeks

Haley kept her name and her good looks, living with Kelly in Connecticut.

The Greek Litter

Artemis, aka Madison, at 4 weeks old Maddie is becoming quite the little lady at Fran's home in New Jersey.  Shown here at 9 months.
Dionysus, aka Chief Needahbah, aka Bandol - 8 weeks Chief/Bandol was kept for show/breeder and resides in upstate New York with Janet and Bob.  Click here to visit his page.

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 Sassy's - 1    Ginger's - 2    Boom Boom's - 3    Crystal's - 4   

Amy's - 5      Myra's - 6     Other Litters - 7

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