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Updated October 6, 2011

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Boom Boom with the Stephen King Litter - DOB: 8/8/05

CFA GC/TICA RW, SGC Dracoonfly Cosseboom "Boom Boom"

Retired from breeding and living in NC with Sharon's mother

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Offspring of Boom Boom and Bugger

Susanna (Stephen King Litter), a.k.a. Zuzu at 5 weeks Oy, a.k.a. Dozer at 5 weeks, same litter
Dozer at 22 pounds and his sister Zuzu who is a mere 19 pounds, shown here at 5-years-old along with the only non-drooling, snore-free bulldog in Jeannine and Mike's Connecticut home.
From Boom Boom's first litter (Stephen King Litter) we have (back to front) Oy, Roland, Suzannah, Ben & Jake. Jake, aka Winchester, lives in upstate New York with Brittney.  Winchester is shown here at 5-years-old.
Two of those kittens (Roland and Ben), became successful show cats in TICA and CFA.  Baron and Finn are shown here with owners Phil and Tereasa and TICA judge Bill Lee.  See more of Baron and Finn on the Show Cats page. 
Minnie (Old Disney Litter), aka Lucy at 7 weeks

The rest of the Disney litter shown below

Lucy at 6 months at Paula's home in NY
Baby Goofy, aka Zachary Shown here at 14 months, Zachary looks more like the Lion King than the Goofy he was as a kitten.  He lives with Tracy's family in Mass, where he entertains guests with his expertise in the game of "fetch".
Pluto, aka Monzu at 7 weeks Monzu has artistic freedom in Mass. with the Morton's,
Little Mickey Mickey sleeps in Lisa's sink in Connecticut
Little Donald Donald-Pooder makes a wonderful hard wood accessory in Massachusetts at the home of Patti and Nestor


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Ginger Rogers, a.k.a. Humbug at 3 weeks (Ginger Litter) Humbug lives with half-siblings Delilah and Saku, Joe and Mary Lou in CT
Ginger Ale, a.k.a. Mazzie at 11 weeks Mazzie lives with Mary-Lou and Dean's family in CT
Melinda, a.k.a. Kila at 3.5 weeks (American Idol Litter - entire litter shown below) → Shown here at 5 months, Kila's copper eyes are striking against her blue coat.  She lives with Christine and Rob in CT.
Lakisha, a.k.a. Gia at 3.5 weeks → Not to be outdone by her littermate, Gia isn't half-bad herself! She resides with Denise in CT.
Blake, a.k.a. Linus at 3 weeks Handsome Linus is now living with RoseAnna, Snoopy the bunny & his siblings Bella (see Ginger's page) and Schroeder (see Amy's page) in CT.
Jordin, a.k.a. Talullah at 3 weeks  Talullah (shown here at 8 months) wins the prize of Biggest Dracoonfly Female, weighing in at 24 pounds.  She graces the home of Abigail and Jim in Connecticut.
Ace at 12 weeks (singleton litter) Ace is the 5th of Boom Boom's kittens to become a TICA Grand Champion.   He now lives with Peter and Cathy in Massachusetts along with his little brother Ben.
Offspring of Boom Boom and Broadsway Redding

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The Musical Litter inspired a lot of singing in our house! The entire litter is pictured as adults in their new homes below.  Top to bottom, l - r: Re, So, Do, Mi, Ti, Fa & La. We kept Do and Re, showing them successfully as a brother/sister team.  Click here to see more of Renegade Ray (on the left) and here to see more of Salmon Candy.

Fa, aka Nell and La, a.k.a. Chloe as little babies

(Musical Litter - Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti & Do)  →

Nell and Chloe at 11 months.  This dynamic duo lives together with Betty in Connecticut

Ti, a.k.a. Tiger Lily at 7 weeks   →


Lily adorns JoAnne's home in New Jersey



Mi, a.k.a. Feebe at 7 weeks   →


Feebe lives with Susan and John, her brother Merlin (see Other Litters Page) & her snuggle buddy Sherlock in CT.

So, a.k.a. So Pale Morning Dun Abby at 2 weeks Pretty Abby (shown here at 4-years-old) celebrates Christmas with Brad and Debbie in upstate New York. 


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