Dracoonfly The Kate


Sire: TICA RW SGC/ CFA GC RW Flitten Lebanon Levi of Dracoonfly
Dam: CH Dracoonfly X Caddis

Updated 2/10/17

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Brender's call name comes from the Billy Joel song, Scenes From an Italian Restaurant. Her only sibling was called Eddie. They were born on the morning after we saw Billy Joel in concert at Madison Square Garden. Brender resembles her half-sister Bonnie in coloration and boning; so much so it's getting harder to tell the two girls apart as Brender develops.

Brender sits on her plant pedestal for a better view of the outdoors
Brender with her brother, Eddie, at 12 weeks
2 weeks old
Brender's registered namesake, The Kate salmon Fly

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