CFA GP/ TICA DGCA Kitsu Aussie Hopper of Dracoonfly

a.k.a. "Bubba Shrimp"

DOB: 4/21/05

Updated 4/5/09

At 4 years old, Bubba is still Kelsey's little boy


Breeders:  Norman & Geraldine Urban

Owner:  Kelsey Stegall-Smith


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Bubba is daughter Kelsey's solution to having a cat that "won't get as big as a Maine Coon so I can't carry it around."  His nickname is from the movie Forest Gump.  Aussie Hopper is a fishing fly.  Bubba is a neutered European Burmese and considers himself to be smarter than the average human.  Kelsey treats Bubba like her doll and has given him his own drawer for his wardrobe.  Bubba is extremely photogenic and looks good in clothes so scroll all the way down.

Kelsey and Bubba at the Boscats show in Hartford - October 2005


I could knock your block off!


His shirt reads, "I may be small but I'm the boss"


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Bubba went as a 4-month-old calf last Halloween


Focusing on the fishing fly toy (hook removed)


Bubba with Kelsey and Judge Jeri Zottoli after he became a Grand Premier

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Bubba has become a very handsome GQ kind of guy


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Hey! You talkin' to me?

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Kelsey, Bubba and friend hanging out at a cat show


Kelsey presents the European Burmese for a TICA Junior Achievers ring


Bubba is ready for Take Your Cat to Work Day


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