Dracoonfly Carey Special


Sire: CFA RW, GC Koerncoon You Can Do It Dakota
Dam: TICA GC Dracoonfly Madam X

Updated 9/14/13

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Carey, aka Puppy, seems to think her name is the verb "carry", meaning, whatever she can pick up with her mouth needs to be relocated.  We usually call her Puppy because of the fat waddling belly she had when she was younger.  Puppy has great boning, type and an extra long tail.  We love the flash of her bi-color coat and the fact that even though she barely fits on our laps, she still claims them as hers.


Hanging out
8 months

With her littermate, Wilkinson at 5 months


2 months

With her Country-themed littermates.  Her original name was Carrie Underwood


Carey's Namesake, The Carey Special Steelhead & Trout Fly

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