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Comet went to live with RoseAnna Bonadio in West Haven, Connecticut along with the three other Dracoonfly kitties that already reside there.  This time, however, RoseAnna wanted to try the crazy world of cat shows with her new boy.  Comet has excellent head type, boning and a deep mahogany red tabby pattern that the judges appreciated.  He was shown in the 2013-2014 show year successfully, achieving the title of Grand Premier in CFA (Cat Fanciers Association).  Then Comet went to TICA (The International Cat Association) where he not only earned the highest title of Supreme Grand Champion Alter, but he also finished as 9th Best Alter in the Northeast Region.  Better yet, RoseAnna has become such a positive fixture at TICA cat shows, she herself won an award for Best Sportsman. 

Ten Weeks


With his Reindeer littermates.  Yes, there were nine of them!  Comet is in back on the right.


"What do you mean I can't play with yarn at home?"


Comet spreads Christmas cheer at a cat show in the arms of his owner, RoseAnna



Such a handsome boy!
Show Accomplishments for 2014-2015

23rd Best Allbreed Alter in the Northeast Region
8th Best Longhaired Alter in the Northeast Region
Show Accomplishments for 2013-2014

2nd Best Maine Coon Alter in the Northeast Region
9th Best Allbreed Alter in the Northeast Region

Grand Premier

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