Luckypaws Downeaster of Dracoonfly


Sire: CH Broadsway Wolfgang of Luckypaws
Dam:  Luckypaws Gretchen

DOB: 02/08/10

Updated: 3/20/11

Downy comes to us from Lorraine Salan of Luckypaws.  Like all of the cats we keep, he is named after a fishing fly, the Silver Downeaster (see graphic below).  He is a black silver mackeral tabby with very large boning and a motor that doesn't stop.  And the EARS!  We now have 50 more channels because of the reception Downy's ears get. 


Photos by Tetsu at 11 months


Downy demonstrates his ambidextrous abilities


Above four photos taken at 6 months by Barry Hayes


4 months


3 months


6 weeks


11 days


Silver Downeaster Salmon Fly


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