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Updated October 12, 2010

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Ginger with the Mockingbird Litter - DOB: 10/2/06

CH Dracoonfly Ginger Cattis

Retired and placed in a pet home

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Skimbles (left), aka Eggs, with two of his brothers from the Cats the Musical Litter at 6 weeks Eggs enjoys the view from his NJ home with Sonja & Dave

The Dessert Litter at 2 weeks.  Bananas, aka Saku, is in front Saku is the youngest brother of Humbug and Delilah where they all hang with Mary-Lou and Joe in Connecticut.

Trifle at 2 weeks We kept Trifle for show and breeding. 
Turbinado, aka Auggie, at 9 weeks greeting Chardonnay Living in Mass with Patrick, Auggie demonstrates just how beautiful an adult red-silver tabby can be.

Macavity, aka Twizzler at 6 weeks

Twizzler (6 months) models his parents' cider "Ginger Jack" at the home of Heather and David in Vermont.

Offspring of Ginger and Bugger


The Italian Litter at 11 weeks

(l-r) Florence, Rome, Venice, Tuscany & Italia

Clementine, aka Italia, decorates the home of Eve, Doron and Liam in Connecticut along with her brother Brayden.
More Italians

See Above

  Leo, aka Venice, and Nikki, aka Florence, share a favorite spot on Tatjana & Kyle's dining room table in NJ.
Fred (Harry Potter Litter), a.k.a. Sinatra at 7 weeks Shown here at 3 years, Sinatra lives with Ed in Connecticut


Ron, a.k.a. Mulligan at 4 days  Mulligan (shown at 2 years) resides with Chrys in CT

Hermione, aka Kachina Doll, at 7 weeks (Harry Potter Litter). She was almost a diamond in the rough compared to how she looks now Kachina Doll "KD" became a successful show cat.  She now lives with Yvonne in Connecticut.

George, one of the Harry Potter Weasley brothers at 12 weeks Handsome George now lives with Sue in Rhode Island

Jasmine (New Disney Litter) at about 7 weeks

 Jazmine (right) and her brother Josef live with Nancy in Mass.

Winter (4 Season Litter), a.k.a. Cricket (out of Sassy) and Irresistible Ariel, as babies.    →

You can't see too much of her pretty face here, but at 3 years, Ariel is still irresistible.  She lives with her half-sister Cricket (see Sassy's page), Pennie and Bob in CT.
Aladdin, aka Gus with Louis shortly after arriving home Gus lives with Emmy and Louis in Mass.
Gaston and Mufasa, aka Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry (shown here at 6 years old) live with Dawn's family in Maine.

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Sprite, a.k.a. Ziggy at 3 months (Soda Litter)  →


Holy Cow! Just look at Ziggy now! 

He hangs with Steve in CT

The Soda Litter - Sprite, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, 7-up and Dr. Pepper Pepsi, a.k.a. Isabella lives with Gail and Peter in Massachusetts where she assists Gail with quilting.
See Above
  7-up a.k.a. Sir Milo, shows just how handsome a cream tabby can be at Joan and Albert's home in Connecticut.
Santana at 8 weeks (Rock 'n Roll Litter) Beautiful Santana watches over Kathy's family in New Jersey and has recently been pictured in a book with her dog pals.
Nirvana at 8 weeks Nirvana graces Karen's home in Rhode Island with her baby brother Atticus (below)
Hendrix at 8 weeks Hendrix hangs out with baby brother McNugent (see Crystal's page) and Jennifer and Travis in Massachusetts.


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Atticus at 2 weeks (Mockingbird Litter) At 7 months, Atticus is quickly catching up to his big sister, Nirvana (above)
Scout, a.k.a. Isabella Giovanna, at 4 weeks A blue torbie, Bella lives with her half-brothers, Linus (Boom Boom's page) and Schroeder (Amy's page) at RoseAnna's in Connecticut
The Mockingbird Boys.  "Dill" is one of them, don't ask which Dill, a.k.a. Micah MacDill, hangs at the home of Priscilla and Gene in Connecticut.  Shown here at 3 years of age.

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Jay, aka Billy, of the John, Jay, Joseph Litter named after Sharon's husband Handsome Billy adorns the dining room table of Beth and Ken in Mass.
John aka Pip the kitten Pip profiles his amazing mane at Katerina's home in NY
Joseph at 12 weeks   Josef now lives in Massachusetts with his sister Jazmine and Nancy.

Sired by RW, SGC Tabbeyrd Silver Submarine of Howlyn "Scooter"

The litter photographed by Tetsu Yamazaki and featured on our Home Page.  Their call names were after foods, Peppercorn, Popcorn, Macaroni n' Cheese, Cinnamon and Pumpkin.
Photographed at 5 weeks, Peppercorn, aka Abby was the cover girl of the Japanese Cat's Catalog for 2005 Abby lives with the family of Denise & Dennis in CT
Macaroni 'n' Cheese Mac now lives with his sister Bubbles (see Sassy's page) and Kate and her family in Maryland
Cinnamon, aka Sir Buckman Taurig at 5 weeks Taurig is the king of Deb and Ed's household in CT
Popcorn, aka Mojo at 5 weeks Massive Mojo lives in Oklahoma now with Dee and Joel
Pumpkin, aka Duncan steals Bunny Foo Foo's carrot Eat your carrots boys, 'cause little Mister Duncan MacBeth is a whopping 25 pounder now.  He lives with his sister Sadie (see Sassy's page), Kristen and Russ in CT.


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