QGC Dracoonfly Miramichi Special "Myra"
Sire: RW, SGC Broadsway Billings
Dam:  TICA RW, SGC / CFA GC Dracoonfly Crystal Bugger

DOB: 12/22/06

Updated 11/12/11

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Look for Myra the Supermodel, posing for Designer Paule Ka! 

Click here to visit the Paule Ka website.

Every one needs a Maine Coon to accessorize their couch.


Myra is published!  Look for Myra pictured 3 times in a new children's book called "CAT" where her tail will move with a pull tab. The book is written by Matthew Van Fleet, photography by Brian Stanton.  Click here to see a video on Amazon.com demonstrating the book under Check Out Related Media.  Click Back on your browser to return. 

As seen her new book "Cat"

Photo by Dragonfly Design, Inc.


The photos below were taken of Myra at 7 months by photographer Helmi Flick






Photos by Helmi Flick

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Like Kelsey's other cat, Bubba, Myra has learned to play dress up


Myra at 4 months

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Myra at 4 weeks old


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Myra's namesake - The Miramichi Special Salmon Fly


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