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These are litters from queens who haven't had many kittens yet, retired early, or those we just don't have many adult photos back from yet (hint, hint).

Updated April 3, 2011

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Litters from Olivia, Kinsey, Ally, Cassie, Callie, Cicada and Izzy

Offspring of Trifle - The Rock-City Litter

Boston, aka Copper John, watching his TV promo.  Click here to watch the complete interview on NECN.

Copper John "CJ" in Jean and Roger's Massachusetts home


Chicago, aka Schooner, at 3.5 weeks Schooner hangs out in Long Island, NY with Beth

Kansas, aka Lucy, at 3 weeks Shown here at 5 months, Lucy is a show/breeding female with our friend Jo-Ann at the Beigatti Cattery in upstate New York. 
Offspring of Olivia - The Card Litter  

(l-r) Gin Rummy, Poker, Bridge and Hearts

Hearts, aka Oreo, now resides in the NYC area with Timothy
Lynxo, aka Mischief, at 7 weeks (Thundercats Litter) Missy takes a nap at the Smith home in Connecticut
Offspring of Kinsey (retired)  

Nosferatu, aka Moxie, at 9 weeks

Moxie is psyched for soccer season at Bobbi & Phil's home in Connecticut
Offspring of Ally  

Hera, aka Maya, from the Greek Litter at 4 weeks Maya is a show/breeder living with Jo-Ann of Beigatti Maine Coons in upstate New York.

Rhodalite, aka Del Fuego (Gemstone Litter) at 6 weeks                                                    → Del Fuego is one handsome dude living with Tierra (Myra's kitten), Kurt and Deb in Connecticut

Garnet, aka Pipsqueak, at 11 weeks Pipsqueak lives with us as a pet

A very unenthusiastic Topaz, aka Zoe, at 3 weeks Zoe and her sister Kira (see Myra's page) live with Patricia in CT
Offspring of Cassie  

Cassie with her newborn Rikki, Tikki, Tavi Litter

Rikki, aka Killian, shows off his beautiful red ticked tabby pattern for his mom Teri in New Jersey.


Tikki, aka Savannah, is a spoiled Southern princess with Brooke and Joe in South Carolina.  Shown here at 1 year. 


Tavi, aka Kenya Koon, lives with Don, Maureen, and her big sister Mia (see Amy's page) in Connecticut.


Offspring of Callie (retired) & Bugger         

New Moon Litter

Rosalie at 8 weeks Rosalie lives in Conn. with Victor, Meghan and Jacob (Myra's Kittens)

Alice, aka Elizabeth Moxie, at 12 weeks Lizzie is taking music and dance in Massachusetts with Michael & Stephanie

Bella, aka Scout, at 6 weeks Scout adorns Wendi's home in Pennsylvania
The Amanda Litter  

A litter of five brown tabbies, all given call names beginning with the letter "A", just don't ask who is who.

Ava, Aiden, Alex, Athena and Adam

Ava, aka Nino, has developed multiple personalities living with her very creative owners, Lauren & Michael, in Connecticut.
Athena is now called Subrina and lives with Debra in NY Alex, aka Bruschi, lives with the Grant family in Connecticut

Offspring of Cicada (retired) & Bugger



Brayden (the B Litter) at 6 weeks old Liam models his Brayden accessory

Bryce, aka Theodore, at 6 weeks (B Litter)

Tremendous Theodore accessorizes the home of Cindy  & John in CT


Cayla, aka Calla Lily Bloom, at 10 weeks (C Litter) Calla Lily lives with Maris in Massachusetts

Offspring of Izzy (retired, no photo) & Bugger

Read more about this litter on Sharon's blog

Silver Belle, a.k.a. Belle the baby  (X-mas LItter)  →

Belle reigns over Ken and Beth's home in Mass with her baby brother Liam (on Crystal's page)


Leon, a.k.a. Oscar Milo as a baby

Oscar with Tilly at Kimberly's house in CT

We do have more recent pictures of Oscar, but nothing can beat the expressions of these two.


Noel, a.k.a. Lancelot the baby  →

Lancelot now lives with Valerie in NJ

We called him Eddy, after Edward Scissorhand.  Eddy was badly injured at 2 days of age when his mother tried to move him by carrying his paw in her mouth.  He developed a bad infection and lost 2 of his toes.  It was touch and go with Eddy for quite a while, so he is the sentimental favorite of all the kittens raised here.  Notice the red bandage on his leg.  Eddy was an incredibly brave and resilient  kitten and has grown up to become a very handsome 19-pound cat.  He was renamed Merlin by Susan and John in Conn. where he is properly spoiled and lives with 2 Great Danes and his  Dracoonfly sister, Feebe (see Boom Boom's page).  Although he is missing toes, Merlin is missing out on nothing in life.



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