QGC Dracoonfly Flashabou Cattis "Trifle"

Sire: IW, SGC Koontucky Kactus Jack of MaineVu
Dam:  CH Dracoonfly Ginger Cattis

DOB: 9/23/08

Updated 6/9/09

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So how in the world did we get "Trifle" out of Flashabou Cattis?  The Flashabou is a fishing fly, a name requirement for all the Maine Coons we keep.  Trifle's coloring resembles the whip cream and fruit of the dessert and honors the owner of her sire, Marge Berger, who is a trifle creator extraordinaire.  Blue torbies can be a difficult color to show and we have never had a high white.  However, it is the high white that makes Trifle so flashy and she has developed into a very nice tall girl. 


Trifle by Helmi Flick at 9 months



Trifle at 6 months


Trifle at 4 months 


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Trifle shows off her blue and cream flash


At 3 months, Trifle posed for our Christmas Card photo


Trifle at 2 weeks old

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